Medical Transcription:Technology

With over a decade of experience in handling Medical transcription projects  by striving to deliver the top notch Medical Transcription services by setting a bench mark in the industry for speedy and quality deliverables. The most important asset contributing to our qualitative growth is the pro-active measures that we take to add to our knowledge and skills continuously and the unmatched commitment to the services. We are committed to exceed the expectations of our customers with sophisticated tools, accurate reporting, and flexible solutions.


  1. Over Toll Free Telephone Service

    Here, client is enabled to call a toll-free number, provided by MTSL, enter a user ID and password, and begin the dictation. There is an option to review, edit or modify the recording. As soon as the physician has finished dictating, MTSL software records the voice and forwards it to MTSL’s secured server located in USA, on a real time basis.

    • Clients are enabled with a toll-free number.
    • Clients are enabled to use regular telephone for dictation.
    • No dictation equipment to carry.
    • No computer or Internet required.
    • No geographical limitations within the continental US.
    • Get access on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.
    • Dictation tracking ID available immediately.
  2. Over Digital Dictaphones

    Here, clients are accessed to record dictations up to 5 hours in length. Upon completion, the Dictaphone is plugged into a cradle, and the voice recording is automatically sent to MTSL’s server.

    What we offer:

    • Freedom to dictate on the run without telephone usage
    • Dictation is easy to review as voice file is retained on the Dictaphone
    • Five hour recording capacity
    • Web Based 

      Here, Clients are enabled to enter the unique username and password to sign in to the MTSL secured server and dictate through the microphone attached to their system.Transcription ProcessRegardless of the dictation option selected, the recorded dictation is automatically transferred to MTSL server in the USA using secured networks. All dictations are tagged with a time stamp.
      Transcription Process

      Recorded voices are transferred to MTSL’s remote secured server with priority and author ID tag.The voice files which are downloaded are distributed to Medical Transcriptionists (MTs) as per the standard procedure. Our well-experienced MTs do the job with utmost care, and forward the word documents to the Proofreading Section, following which each and every part of the text is thoroughly checked by our experienced Proofreaders (PRs) who can manage to give a quality of more than 95%. PRs will forward the scripts to the Editors Section, which in turn has two divisions – Medical Editors Desk and English Editors Desk. On completion, the Editor will forward the Scripts to Quality Analysis Section, which has a team of four reputed Medical Professionals to take care finally. All these transcripts are posted to Format Section, at this stage the document is upgraded to an extent of 99% and above in its accuracy. All the formatted documents are finally uploaded according to the specific TATs of different clients.


      The transcripts which are quality checked delivered to the physicians along with the log sheet of the day’s work across the modes of E-mail /Fax /computer / FTP.