Medical Transcription:Hippa

 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) fuels the efforts towards electronic health records facilitating easy access to patient health information (PHI), while always ensuring strong data protection.

At MTSL,HIPAA’s mandatory regulatory requirements for security and privacy standards being diligently enforced, as they require that PHI is kept private so as to protect the civil liberties of patients.  We pride and bank ourselves in help organizations in better understanding HIPAA regulations so that they are complaint. Always!

Highlights of our breadth of HIPAA related services to our clients from the health care industry include:

  • Security Risk Assessment :

    We get into your overall business ecosystem, to try and understand it from every perspective possible, to ensure that you are covered against any potential security risk – current or future.

  • HIPAA gap analysis of current practices
  • Consulting:

    To ensure you have an encompassing and seamless access to policies, procedures, associate agreements, Plans (disaster recovery, business continuity, etc.), and network documentation.

  • HIPAA compliant procedures, practices, and policies:

    Help you have in place and undertake the requisite compliance measures, in the process making you both current & future ready.

  • Offer training of staff on HIPAA and educating them of its necessity and, implications if ignored or not complied with correctly.
  • Data Protection to achieve secure electronic PHI.


MTSL uses 128 bit secured servers, encryption and password-protected data transfer mechanisms to ensure security of data. Security features such as password protection, encryption, and access limitations maintain web servers, SFTP servers & data servers, etc. are maintained at each stage.

We restrict internet and e-mail access to a handful of pre-defined sites through a proxy server. The proxy server restricts access only to these sites, and further ensures that no data uploads are permitted. All servers have powerful firewalls installed to prevent unauthorized Internet interception

Forget trouble from regulatory agencies, relax and let your business grow shackle-free, without any uncertainties or frailties. Contact us today to get a free and comprehensive HIPAA gap assessment done of your business.