Quality assurance in health care documentation forms the fulcrum of any medical transcription services providing company. Quality check & maintenance of medical transcripts form the back-bone of not only the health care providers but also reflects on the efficiency of the transcriptionists.

As a rule of thumb, quality of medical transcripts should be able to pass the tests of verifiability, definability, measurability, consistency and, above all, integrity.  These are the very maxims that we try to adhere to in our quality check and maintenance of medical transcripts.

These have to be followed because medical documentation does not just include the transcriptionists but also a host of other entities such as physician, facility staff, quality manager, editor, authenticator, author, etc. Therefore, with so many levels of involvement, chances for discrepancies creeping in are that much more.

We come into the picture precisely in such pretexts. Our demonstrated expertise and extensive medical transcription quality check experience couple with our proven maintenance capabilities, positions us to serve all you medical data quality needs.

We review, revise, communicate (if need be) and monitor the entire quality cycle to be able to provide our customers from both within the medical transcription industry and without, the assurance of not having to worry about the health care documentation. To be able to constantly improve the quality, we also constantly recommend changes and improvements to our clients’ transcription infrastructure.

We improve health care documentation by employing advanced technology wherever applicable throughout the documentation process such as maintaining facility specific and pertinent databases, and the services of experienced hands.

Let us help improve the quality of your transcripts and maintain them, so you can be rest assured that you have a good amount of things to not worry about.