Application Services

At Millennium you are offered with expertise application services onshore and offshore. We build and run application services that jell with the core business objectives of our clients in a sustainable way. Meeting the client needs is out first criteria and we invest more on top talent to deliver the best quality output with our people. The emerging needs of global business environment demanding more performance and monitoring to get back their investments in a proactive way.

Our application services ensure quality business operations with seamless results. We are offering core application development solutions to meet your business objectives in a random way. We use our best practices to deliver the highest quality services with innovative methodologies and accurate research. Millennium has expertise team of application management, who are able to handle from the initial phase of entire lifecycle of your applications from development to maintenance.

  • Application Audit : We provide critical review of system architecture, application design, and the quality of code.
  • Architecture Consultancy : Our architecture consultancy services include system architecture review, application & technical architecture development, architecture comparison, gap analysis, best practices review and the recommendation of the architecture to be migrated.
  • Component-Based Development : We provide full range of component based development services such as thick /thin client, N-tier, Client-Server, and Web and in SEI-CMMi/ RUP development process.
  • Enterprise Application Integration : We are expertise in building EAI platform development, Interface/ bridge/connector development and legacy-ERP connections
  • Enterprise Portals : Our enterprise portal solutions offer portal solutions with Content Management Systems, Multiple Portals / sub-domains, Forums, Blogs, RSS Feeds, Chats, Personalization, Role Level Securities and other recent trends on the existing frameworks like Dot Net, Nuke, XOOPS etc.
  • Package Implementation :: It includes package, gap analysis, customization and rollout of packaged software.
  • Product Engineering : Our product engineering services include an extension of customer Lab, re-use of existing architecture, product engineering and knowledge management.
  • Web Enabling : We enable the existing/legacy applications, multi-channel application development, Internet/Intranet/ Extranet applications, Enterprise integration using EAI, portals and stand-alone applications.

Consulting Services

We are the top notch on-site consulting service providers in the niche areas of application development, enterprise (ERP) and network solutions across the level of enterprises and industries. We offer cutting edge consulting services in different areas such as ERP Solutions and Applications, Applications Development, Mobile Apps Development, IT Training, Re-engineering and migration and Staffing. We have very efficient team of consultants across the functional areas to deliver effective outputs on your projects in cost effective manner. Our consulting services include different functional skills such as Application Development Services in Microsoft Technologies, MS.Net Framework, J2EE, Borland Delphi and Open Standards (PHP.)

  • Database Management Services (MS SQL, Access, MySQL, Oracle)
  • ERP Implementation/Support Oracle Apps/SAP
  • Networking and System Administration (Windows, UNIX, LINUX, Solaris and AIX)
  • Business/Domain Consulting
  • Ecommerce and M-Commerce
  • Enterprise Architecture Management
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • IT Service Management
  • Product Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • QA & Testing Services
  • IT Performance Management
  • Education and Training
  • Development of IT Strategies
  • Healthcare

We are proud to say that our skilled professional consultants help you in designing, development and business optimization with more ROI. We built our team with unique approaches suitable to your business requirements as per the multiple facets of the industry needs. We are trying to integrate and streamline the day to day operations of the client needs. We follow service oriented approach with high standard and reduce costs.

Mobile Application Development

Millennium offers cut throat competitive mobile app development services that increase your product output and generates more revenue with reduced costs. The rise in mobile penetration is replacing the desktop operations and demand growing for mobile applications. Mobile technology is dominating the each phase of life and mobile users are more depending on mobile applications for each aspect of daily routine. Our extensive range of sub services includes Mobile Applications Development, Mobile Compatible Websites, Mobile E-Publishing, Mobile UI Design, Mobile app testing and Multi-platform development. Beating the cut throat competition of today’s mobile app development market is our primary motto. We design customized, user friendly mobile applications across the specifications like native iOS, Android or Windows app, and cross-platform responsive web app with a secure backend features. We are providing a platform for mobile app development services which include:

  • iPhone Apps Development
  • Android Application Development
  • iPad Application Development
  • BlackBerry Application Development
  • Tablet Apps Development
  • iPod application development
  • Windows Mobile Apps Development
  • Custom mobile apps development

We have expertise mobile app development team to build mobile applications for Android and iOS. Our comprehensive mobile app development services offer customized value to our customers under one roof. You can easily build, develop and deploy on all major platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. Our skilled professional team has extensive knowledge and experience to interact with our clients from initial phase to end of the development phase. We offer very cost effective payment structure with quality range of services across the sectors such as Health care, E-commerce, Retail, IT, Finance, Security and others.

Migration & Re-engineering

We build high performance Reengineering and Migration services to transform your software in to easy to use applications as per your business requirements. We offer various migration services which include platform migration, database migration and language migration. Our Reengineering services include service enabling and web enabling. Our services provide transparent and reflect your software products, platforms and different frameworks. We are expertise in finding solutions for the issues associated with existing technologies. We ensure to address the operational and performance based issues with the current applications. We have clientele across the globe and improved with our migration and reengineering services. You can also reduce costs for maintenance of old and poor performance oriented systems.

  • We do thorough analysis and assessment
  • We use customized methodologies and frameworks
  • We follow continuous program management process
  • We provide support for server and database management
  • We removal system bottlenecks to show great performance results
  • We perform application data cleansing and migration.
  • We are expertise in application porting and product scripting

We have very strong team who has functional experience across the industries for accurate and effective results. We provide support and maintenance for your applications. Our team members collaborate with effective communication, transparency and accountability to maintain good relationships. We provide customized migration and reengineering services across the sectors such as banking, e-commerce, finance, health care, hospitality, mobile applications, retail, supplychian travel and transportation etc. We are known for our effective services in reverse engineering, full application suite redevelopment.

Staffing Services

If you are looking for the best staffing solutions providers for your clients or business needs then approach us for seamless staffing solutions. We offer effective staffing solutions with high quality, less resources, heavier workloads, and who are to handle tighter -and often unrealistic- deadlines with optimization of efficiency. We reduce the hassles of Screening and selecting the right candidate which is a time taking process in candidate selection and most of the companies do not have a valid referral network to fulfill their staffing needs. We offer effective staffing solutions to provide highly skilled and dependable manpower. Our staffing solutions include below mentioned:

  • Temporary: Now, many companies prefer temporary staffing over permanent employees. We offer the industry best temporary staffing solutions to deliver the best outcomes without any grievances.
  • Temporary to Hire: We are the right staffing providers for your temporary to hire needs. We make ensure that the staff we provided will be right fit with your company culture and day to day operations. Let us take your staffing burdens of recruiting, evaluating, screening, and interviewing and finalizing the highly qualified candidates in cost effective manner.
  • Contracts: If you are looking for talented contract employees to complete your projects in time, we help you to find right fit for your contact hiring needs. Corporate hiring is becoming an important phenomenon it reduced the cost and delivers the effective output within the mentioned timelines. We have skilled recruitment team with an expertise recruiters & payroll staff to serve you better.
  • Direct hire: Get accessed to our network of highly potential candidates with relevant experience across the sectors and domains. We have millions of job candidate database to get access the instant manpower from the industry. We follow pre-fixed standards to meet your dire hire needs in an effective manner.


At Millennium, we offer wide range of services in software testing and quality control with customized testing tools and methodologies. We perform multiple testing methodologies like Performance Testing, Product Testing, White BoxTesting, Security Testing, Compatibility Testing, Regression Testing, System Testing, Smoke Testing, Monkey Testing and Stress Testing as per the product requirement. Millennium testing team led by experienced, efficient, and committed testing professionals to deliver the best testing services. Our professional testing team has enriched experience in testing each product with manual and automation tests to offer optimal test combinations. Our main objective is to offer quality software testing services to our clients in a less cost and more effective testing of their products. Our testing services offer the below:

  • We follow structured test management processes and effective QA services.
  • Our quality assurance team known for their perfect blend of knowledge and strong experience.
  • We follow accurate delivery models according to the budget levels of the customers.
  • Familiar for our expertise in using various test models and SDLC.
  • Potential team with more relevant experience across the domains.
  • We follow up-to-date tools, methods, and technologies of present testing world.
  • Offer flexible client cultures, procedures, workflows, technologies, and business ethics to get engage with our clients.
  • Robust and scalable methods for skill development.
  • Our highly skilled project managers follow proactive communication and coordination with our clients.

We are committed to solve our client’s business needs with a scalable solution. Our testing solutions are combined with business domain expertise, test discipline excellence, and Tools/Platforms competency. We ensure tangible results with each application testing in affordable pricing structure.


Our training and development methodology ensures success because we concentrate on client expectations, performance criteria, employee competency, and expected outcomes.

By training, MTSL fill the skills-gaps or knowledge gaps among the employees, MTSL utilize training to acclimate new employees, teach current employees new skills for the same job. We are considering training as a key process because by which employees can compete on their behalf in ever-changing markets.

As technology demands employees stay abreast of software changes and advancements, and software programs change frequently, MTSL offered training

  • Within the company – We can utilize the services of the existing employees in each skill set category to align them to the real working environment
  • Online training – Web-based training (WBT). WBT is online through either a company’s intranet or through the World Wide Web.

Advantages of WBT:

  • reduce trainee learning time, by allowing trainees to progress at their own pace
  • reduce the cost of training, particularly by reducing costs associated with travel to a training location
  • provide instructional consistency, by offering the same training content to employees worldwide
  • allow trainees to learn at their own pace thereby reducing any boredom or anxiety that may occur

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Medical Transcription

“When we transcribe your voice files, we feel, we are doing a beating-heart surgery. We know how critical it is. We do with utmost care just like you care your patients. Everything should be done perfectly in time, every time with 100% accuracy.”

MTSL is exclusively into Medical Transcription. We offer various services to our clients apart from delivering the reports on time and with superior quality.

We offer :

  • Free trail to our prospective clients, for one week (six business days), without any obligation on their part
  • Toll free lines
  • Free digital hand held Dictaphones
  • Overnight, 12/24 hour TAT and STAT
  • Free templates for the individual physicians
  • Free training for the first time user of toll free/ Dictaphone system
  • We are well versed with the following specialties and types of reports.
Product Name Price
Specialties Reports
Cardiology Radiology
Psychiatry Ophthalmology
Orthopedics Radiation Oncology
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Neurology Care Pulmonology
Head and Neck Surgery Surgical Oncology
Worker’s Compensation Claims Pain Care and Management
Annual Physical Examination General Medicine
ENT Physical & Occupational Therapy
Nephrology Family Practice
Hematology-Oncology OB-GYN
Sleep Medicine and Internal medicine Gastrointestinal/Genitourinary
Rheumatology Podiatry
History and Physical Reports Chart notes/Office Visits/SOAP Notes
Consultation Reports Discharge Summary
Operative and Procedure Notes Progress Report
Rehabilitation Notes Emergency Notes
ECG Reports

Medical Transcription – Technology

MTSL offers a simple but perfect technology platform for it’s clients. It’s so easy to operate and the process can be well understood by the following detailed process flow chart.



  1. Through Toll Free Telephone ServiceThe client can call a toll-free number, provided by MTSL, enter a user ID and password, and begin the dictation. The client has options to review, edit or modify the recording. As soon as the physician has finished dictating, MTSL software records the voice and forwards it to MTSL’s secured server located in USA, on a real time basis.Advantages
    • Clients are provided by a toll-free number.
    • Clients can use a regular telephone for dictation.
    • No dictation equipment to carry.
    • No computer or Internet required.
    • No geographical limitations within the continental US.
    • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year accessibility.
    • Dictation tracking ID available immediately.
  2. Through Digital DictaphonesTClients can normally record dictations up to 5 hours in length. Upon completion, the Dictaphone is plugged into a cradle, and the voice recording is automatically sent to MTSL’s server.Advantages
    • Freedom to dictate on the run without telephone usage
    • Dictation is easy to review as voice file is retained on the Dictaphone
    • Five hour recording capacity
  3. Web BasedBy entering the unique username and password, clients can logon to the MTSL secured server and dictate through the microphone attached to their system.Secured Storage Regardless of the dictation option selected, the recorded dictation is automatically transferred to MTSL server in the USA using secured networks. All dictations are tagged with a time stamp. Transcription Process Recorded voices are then transferred to MTSL’s remote secured server with priority and author ID tag.The voice files which are downloaded are distributed to Medical Transcriptionists (MTs) as per the standard procedure. Our well-experienced MTs do the job with utmost care, and forward the word documents to the Proofreading Section, following which each and every part of the text is thoroughly checked by our experienced Proofreaders (PRs) who can manage to give a quality of more than 95%. PRs will forward the scripts to the Editors Section, which in turn has two divisions – Medical Editors Desk and English Editors Desk. On completion, the Editor will forward the Scripts to Quality Analysis Section, which has a team of four reputed Medical Professionals to take care finally. All these transcripts are posted to Format Section, at this stage the document is upgraded to an extent of 99% and above in it’s accuracy. All the formatted documents are finally uploaded according to the specific TATs of different clients. DELIVERY OPTIONS The finished transcripts are delivered to the physicians along with the log sheet of the day’s work, in any of the following modes:
    • Through E-mail
    • Secured Data transfer to physician’s computer / FTP
    • Through Fax

Medical Transcription – Quality

We at MTSL, firmly believe that only quality will produce the results and nothing else. Hence, we always try for the highest possible quality. To achieve this, we have permanent trainers and faculty heads to take care of the latest developments in document producing methods. A weekly program for Total Quality Management (TQM) is conducted with the title “Interface” and a monthly MT awareness program titled “Winning Edge” is conducted regularly to keep ourselves abreast. We have well equipped library on the lab floor, which has a wide range of reference materials to help with. Also we have latest software’s and On-line Data Record on the systems to keep MTs updated on an everyday basis.

Quality Assurance

Every day a Review Program is executed in which feedback is given with an individual attention indicating the errors, which are done the previous day. At least one document from each MT from their day’s produce is sent to Internal Audit Department for quality review everyday. On 15th of every month the Internal Audit Department announces the gross accuracies of whole production team.

Transcripts from PRs are given to Medical Editors, after carefully going through the entire document it is sent to English Editor for the final read and then forwarded to the Format Section. The percentage of Accuracy from every produce is not less than 99% in any specialty of Medicine if the audio quality is maintained properly.

Required accuracy for MT is not less than 90%, Proofreader 95% and above, Editors 99% and above. Employees who fall short of their required status will be sent for a short re-training program to fine-tune and make them more perfect.

It is a combined team effort of Senior MTs working in association with PRs, Editors and Medical Doctors who are working right from the inception of our organization is the main strength behind the much crucial process like Editing.

The percentage of Accuracy we are giving today is not an imagination but a fact. Feedback process on an everyday basis has always brought us very good results.

Medical Transcription – HIPAA

In today’s scenario, Privacy & Confidentiality are the most concerned in MT industry. MTSL has taken all the measures to protect the physician and patient’s information and implemented all required policies and procedures for HIPAA compliance.

We strictly adhere to policies and procedures that are legally and ethically mandated by the medical transcription industry as per HIPAA in the United States. These include the amendment of medical records, release of information, patients’ rights, informed consent, and patient & provider confidentiality.

  1. We have very strict Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Agreements with every employee of the company.
  2. We don’t have any floppy / CD drives or anything to take the information out from the system or network.
  3. No information is circulated on Hard copies during the work process.
  4. We provide individual logins (username & password) to every employee with restricted accessibility permissions.

MTSL uses 128 bit secured servers, encryption and password-protected data transfer mechanisms to ensure security of data. Security features such as password protection, encryption, access limitations maintain web servers, SFTP servers & data servers, etc. are maintained at each stage.

We restrict internet and e-mail access to a handful of pre-defined sites through a proxy server. The proxy server restricts access only to these sites, and further ensures that no data uploads are permitted.

All servers have powerful firewalls installed to prevent unauthorized Internet interception.

All files are stored on highly secure network drives, accessible only through necessary username and password to prevent unauthorized viewing, deleting, or copying.

We employ manned security personnel at the single entry/exit point to make sure there is no unauthorized entry and exit. MTSL maintains 24×7 monitoring and redundant back-ups of all the voice and transcribed files.

We conduct security audits on all our security procedures at least once in a quarter. Apart from that, we continuously check for virus updates, patches and other related issues.

Medical Transcription – Free Trails

We offer a no obligation FREE TRIALS for one week (six business days) to our prospective clients. Our motto is to partner the client’s success by providing optimal, reliable and scalable services.

Interested! Please CLICK HERE to mail us your request for quote.

We appreciate your interest in MTSL and look forward to serving you!

Medical Billing

MTSL provides all the Revenue Cycle Management services for the healthcare providers. Our comprehensive services ensure you to reduce operational expenses drastically and help you to enhance your cash flow. All our process transactions and practices related to business are handled according to HIPPA, PHI compliances and US information security guidelines.

Our monthly accountability reports keep you informed and in control. In fact, you will have greater control over your practice than you have ever experienced. In addition, it’s much easier to keep up with new regulations and updates.

We aim at absolute satisfaction of our clientele by delivering our services with high accuracy and quality within the TAT.

The spectrum of our Medical Billing includes the following:

Claims Management:

  • Patient Demographics and Charge Entry
  • Eligibility and Benefits Verification
  • Claims Generation and Submission

Receipts Management:

  • Accurate Payment Postings
  • Fee Schedule analysis
  • Trial balancing the daily deposits

Denial Management:

  • Clearinghouse and Carrier rejections & Corrections
  • Zero pay analysis, resubmissions & appeals
  • Very aggressive AR follow up
  • Creative patient collection strategies

Medical Coding:

  • CPC & CEMC certified coders
  • Correct Coding Assessment
  • Handling multiple Specialties
  • Use decision support software’s like ‘Encoder Pro’ and ‘Coderite’

Data Processing

MTSL delivers a helpful, efficient and very cost-effective data processing service for consumer mailings. We can digitize your raw data and transform it into useful information. You can leverage our expertise in handling data processing services. Rest assured that our services will eventually give you insightful data at your finger tips and improve your organizational efficiency.

We provide the best service, in a cost effective manner with a high degree of quality. To make the data to be usable in the best possible way for anyone, it needs to be properly processed or converted into some suitable format. Data conversion is the most challenging factor for any corporate, institutes etc. with the development of new technologies. The quality, accessibility and diversity of information that a corporate possesses, directly reflects on its customers as well as on its accountability.

We provide the best services of doing data entry and data conversion projects. To name a few, we have done Ambulatory Reports for a New Jersey based hospital, Patients List database, Police Department Accident reports, State Irrigation Department Employee’s Service Reports etc. All these are like collecting the data from scanned / pdf / hard copy and keying into a database provided by the client.

We provide following data processing outsourcing services:

  • Data entry and data scanning
  • Editing and cleaning of data
  • Statistical data analysis and interpretation
  • Claims Data Processing
  • Data Processing for E-Catalog
  • Insurance Claims Data Processing
  • Check Data Processing
  • Information Data Processing
  • Transaction Data Processing
  • Online Data Processing for Resumes

Testing Services

Millennium Technologies application testing services focus on potential problems and establish testing as a competitive practice backed by the domain knowledge. Millennium Technologies has vast expertise in software testing across a wide range of applications/ domains including the healthcare market, high intensity web applications.

Important features of Millennium Technologies Testing Services are:

Test Assessment

For evaluating and defining the software testing needs of an organisation and providing inputs to make testing an effective management tool. The scope of test assessment includes providing a road map for improving the test process, identify and define the infrastructure required for testing, establishment of test lab and defining the transition to the test lab.

Performance Testing

To assess the reliability of an application through running an application, evaluate the load / volume conditions that an application can handle. Performance testing tasks include – Test planning & test case definition, evaluation of test tools, test scripting & execution and test metrics & benchmark reporting.

Independent Verification and Validation

As a managed service for requirements & design reviews,  functional & non-functional testing, regression testing; test execution and analysis of test metrics.

Millennium Technologies value additions in software testing include:

  • Ensures comprehensive mapping of user specifications and non-functional requirements.
  • Reduces the number of application failures, testing cycle times and risks of low quality
  • Improves testing accuracy, productivity and test coverage for a comprehensive defect detection system.
  • Supports easier test defect diagnosis.
  • Lowers the cost of ownership of the products for the customer.